The Coolest Fashion Trends Of 2020

Yep! 2020 is already here and the 2020 trends are already all over the internet!

So I’ve decided to make another 2020 trends post, and today it will be the coolest fashion trends of 2020.

Because what’s better than getting some new clothes for 2020?

Stripes, Stripes All Over

Both horizontal and vertical lines are definitely going to be a trend also in 2020! whether it’s pants, shirt, jackets or skirts, just take that trend and embrace it in your own way.

I personally love to wear black and white stripes pants – they make you look super elegant, just don’t get too much stripy! you don’t want to look like a crosswalk 😉

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Not The Usual Polka Dots

A new design to embrace this year is definitely the polka dot!

In 2020 you can play with the polka dot print however you’d like to, in skirts, dresses and even in different colors.

In my opinion the polka dots print is really cool and can look really classy if you know how to wear it right, but with this one you have to be really careful, because it’s really easy to make yourself look like a clown with too much of polka dots.

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Oh, Dear Leather!

I just can’t describe in enough words how I’m excited that the leather is a trend also in 2020!

In my opinion leather clothes are just amazing! give me leather clothes in everything and I’ll be a happy person.

I love the edgy look leather clothes give you, especially black leather! I’m completely sold on this one! if I haven’t made that clear already!;)

Half This, Half That

Do you remember the hair trend in the 90’s when everyone was coloring their hair half black and half platinum blond? well, I surely do! I still remember how much I wanted to do that to my hair, but never had the actual courage to do that.

So I guess this half and half trend is just perfect for me, you don’t need to take the risk of coloring your hair in two different colors, you can just wear half and half colored clothes or shoes.

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The Bigger The Blazer The Better

For those ladies who like the more edgy look, I think you might like this blazer trend of 2020. I’ts a great fashion trend if you like the sophisticated look, effortlessly

Play up with this trend with blue or red blazers.

Make A Statement With Your Coat, ladies.

Knit Maxis

I love maxis in general, as skirts or dresses but, unfortunately most of them are either too long or just look weird on me.

So if you are taller than 1.70 I definitely recommend for you to try the knit maxis! because what’s better than keeping yourself warm at the winter and at the same time look girly with the maxi summer vibes.

woman wearing yellow and black crew-neck shirt

Color My World With Neon

The neon colors are continuing to be a trend also in 2020, and honestly I just can’t complain about it, because I love the neon!

At first you might feel weird about wearing clothes which can be used as a reflector, but trust me after a day or two you’ll love it as well.

Embrace the neon.

Snakeskin Print

In 2020 the animal prints are making a comeback, especially the snake skin print.

In my opinion this print is super fun and looks really unique, you can really play with the different colors sizes and items.

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Hoop Earrings

I remember being a high school student, wearing as big hoop earring as I can, something about them in my opinion just make your face look a lot brighter and kind.

The hoop earrings come in endless variations of sizes and colors, so there is definitely at least one for anyone and if you haven’t tried them yet, just go for it!

Puffy Sleeves

I think this one is definitely not for everyone, either you like it or hate it.

The puffy sleeves can make you look very girly and great for a soft look, but don’t go extreme with this one as it easily can give you a too much out of the 70’s look.


In m opinion there are really a lot of great fashion trends for 2020! you just need to find your own way of rocking them!

Remember, in fashion it’s all about having fun and trying new things!

So what’ your favorite fashion trend for 2020? leave a comment and share it with the world! 🙂

Love Ya,

Anna Rouge.

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